Double frog 54E1  1:9 1

Double frog 54E1 1:9

Productcode: 05823-3100001

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Product description

Kruisstuk 54E1 1:9 inclusief set strippen II t/m VII voor onder kruisstuk



Product code: 05823-3100001
Brand Railpro
Profile 54E1
Turnout Type EW
Turnout Components Double frog
Angular Ratio 1:9
Wood/Concrete Beton
Buitenbeen (A) 1970
Binnenbeen (B) 2000


Height 159 mm.
Width 500 mm.
Length 3970 mm.


Net Weight 950.000 kg.
Gross Weight 950.000 kg.
Double frog 54E1  1:9

Double frog 54E1 1:9